Irish Colcannon Casserole

I just made this delightful casserole for a friend and myself. I made a few minor substitutions, but what a bargain it was to cook up! An entire 5lb bag of potatoes (used 2lb) cost me about $2, a head of cabbage (used 1/4 head) $2, head of broccoli used instead of kale was $1.75, and Trader Joe’s tempeh $2. So I made the whole thing for about $7-$8, and I’m sure to get at least 3 more meals out of it. Highly recommended!

The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado

Happy St. Patricks day! Is everyone spending the day lying on the couch suffering from major hangovers? I’ve never been much of a St. Patrick’s day celebrator (green beer is just wrong on so many levels), or a bar hopper much less, so I’ve been spending the day bumming around the house probably like most people today, just minus the headache and nauseous ;). For today’s brunch, it only makes sense that I would make something Irishy, so I took a few traditional foods and stuffed them into a tasty casserole.


This isn’t quite as breakfasty as a lot of the other things I’ve made, but who says you can’t have a super savory casserole for breakfast? Breakfast can be whatever I want it to be, whether it be a stack of pancakes or a pizza and yeah, eating pizza for breakfast might seem weird but  it can also…

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