Wild Plants vs. Everyday Varieties

Wild Plants vs. Everyday Varieties

Here, dietician Jeff Novick and Vegsource.com author Jeff Nelson address a recent New York Times article that claims the produce available in the grocery store is nutritionally inferior to heirloom and wild varieties.

Personally, I think there is probably something to that author’s ideas, but it seems to me that this could just be another way for people to get overwhelmed by healthy eating.  Yes, wild dandelion greens are very nutritious and easily found in your front yard.  I highly recommend adding them to your spring salads.  But that being said, the greens you can get at the local grocer are not devoid of nutrients.  Please do read the linked article regarding iceberg lettuce!

Remember, eating well doesn’t have to be complicated.  Take small steps if that’s all you feel you can do right now.  Eventually those small steps add up.

In other news, I moved to Pittsburgh!  I’m staying with some wonderful, generous friends while looking for a job and apartment.  When I’m more settled, I’ll get the recipe content back in full swing, and maybe tell you a bit about my new home.  Thanks for sticking around, friends!


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