Nutrition Facts

Dear Readers, I confess I am too lazy to calculate the nutrition facts of my recipes.  Besides that, I tend to think that if I’m eating unprocessed grains, veggies, fruits, and beans, I don’t need to worry about calories.  It’s processed foods like oils, sugar, and white flour that really rack them up.  In fact, I lost about eight pounds without trying just by giving up cooking in oil.  No small accomplishment, considering it was right around Christmas.  Hooray for whole foods!

BUT… That said, it’s nice to know sometimes how things stack up.  Nutritionist Jeff Novick recently posted this link on Facebook, comparing his bean burgers to some fast-food beef burgers, as well as frozen veggie burgers.  Jeff’s burgers are pretty similar to mine in terms of ingredients, so the analysis stands.  Hope you enjoy!



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