My Big Fat Vegan Breakfast

This isn’t a recipe.  It’s more like, “what I ate this morning,” and I’ll warn you, I don’t eat normal breakfast foods very often.  Sure, I love a good bowl of oatmeal as much as the next person, but I ate it every day for so many years that I actually have oatmeal burnout.  Cold cereal is also delicious, but it doesn’t last long in this busy New Yorker’s belly.  I like to think outside the cereal box!  Here’s what I ate this morning before trekking off to the Brooklyn Museum (followed by a job interview, followed by work, followed by another long walk.)

I started with a whole grapefruit and a cup of Lady Grey tea.

After my shower, I scarfed a mango with some unsweetened soy yogurt and a spoonful of ground flax (omegalicious?).  I wouldn’t normally bother with something like soy yogurt since it’s not especially tasty, but I’ve been on antibiotics, so I need to repopulate my gut with some good bacteria.

After that, I microwaved some frozen kale and leftover lentils, threw in the juice of half a lemon, some avocado, and a dash of Slap Ya Mama.  I added a side of beet salad, topped with sunflower seeds.

Friday, I am ready for you!


4 thoughts on “My Big Fat Vegan Breakfast

  1. msokane says:

    Hi Penny Parsnip (great name!) – I love your breakfast. It’s the kind of thing I might eat on the weekend – just a bit of this and a bit of that and who cares if it’s “breakfast” food or not. Most of the time I have a smoothie for breakfast – fruit, spinach, flax, non-dairy milk – you know, the usual stuff. Sometimes I’ll make some quinoa porridge from quinoa flakes and that fills me up for the day. Thanks for liking and following me on my blog.

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